Painting London Underground

In June 2009 I began a personal project of making paintings of people in the London Underground. In the last few decades London has become one of the most diverse places on earth and this is even more true of the Underground – the whole world is down there, all squashed up together. I've tried to reflect that in my paintings. 

Thee years of intense and absorbing work resulted in 25 large canvasses, depicting over 70 individuals. All the paintings were exhibited at Bankside Gallery (next to Tate Modern) for two weeks in July 2013, my own tribute to the 150th anniversary of London Underground. Over 3,500 visitors saw the show and a number of the paintings were sold, along with many prints, catalogues and cards. The remaining paintings are still available, as well as beautiful replica prints on canvas – contact me at You can also see more about the project at Facebook/EwTube